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GFI Receptacles for Safety

Posted by gef165 on September 14, 2016 at 4:25 PM

Do you have receptacles in your home that have buttons on them marked test and reset ? Did you ever wonder exactly what this receptacle was for or why these buttons were there. A GFCI receptacle is a receptacle that gives added protection around the home over and above the circuit breaker in your homes panel box. Did you know if you were using an appliance and it was plugged into a GFI receptacle and that appliance fell into a sink full of water or was damaged in such a way that would shock you if you touched it, a GFI protected receptacle would shut itself off automatically to protect you ? 

The receptacle monitors the balance of voltage internally and will shut itself off if an imbalance or short circuit occurs. The manufactures of these devices suggest you test your device or breaker once a month by pushing the test button and resetting the device or breaker. If the device does not shut off or shuts off and does not reset then you should replace this device immediately. 

GFI protection is required on counters near sinks, in unfinished areas of the home like a basement or garage. Outdoor areas, pool pumps, hot tub circuits, fish ponds, etc..

If you do a test today and find that your GFI protected device does not test and reset properly or you don't have GFI protection in the areas above, Call today for Service. 

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